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Life Coaching with Kay is now full for the 2017 season.


We are so glad you are here! God has such an amazing plan for your life, and we want to help you get there!  We believe the easiest way for you to get where you are supposed to be with God is by listening to His voice everyday and just doing the simple things that he says.

Sounds easy right? But with this fast paced world we live in, many people don't know what God is really saying, leaving them feeling unloved and confused on their next step.

Let us help you make the next right step with God in your life!

About Kay

Kay Nash is a sought after Prophetic Life Coach who has worked hard to help her clients hear God, get their hearts healed and walk in the call God has for them. She travels around teaching, preaching and prophesying, and is also the author of the book and devotional series, Intimate Jesus and Hearing God for Yourself. She is also the founder of New Clouds Prophetic Ministry School for Women.

Kay has many successes under her belt and knows what it means to succeed in life. She has worked for the The Washington Post as a News Producer, climbed the ladder at Hearst Television. She has produced television for Christian TV and has appeared on many Television shows such as Real Conversations, The Kraze, Fox News, and had her own segment on an ABC affiliate doing entertainment news. Kay also holds a bachelor's degree in Radio/ TV Broadcast from UCF.

You are supposed to live an abundant life and have it to the full. If that is not what you're experiencing, you should contact Kay! Whether it is career, ministry or business, Kay can take you to the next level of your destiny.

Testimonials From Real Clients

I came across Kay Nash at a transition point in my life. The Lord had me step away from my ministry and I was in a season of waiting on Him to reveal what would be next.  Going through coaching with Kay helped me focus less on “what’s next” and more on healing “what has been”. I’m not someone that likes reliving pieces of the past but I realize now that it’s quite difficult to live into my full potential when I’m allowing the hang ups of the past to cloud my perspective. Because of Kay’s heart and prophetic insight, I was able to allow God to heal my past wounds. I have a better understanding of the fullness of who God is and who He is calling me to be and I’m so grateful for that. I recommend life coaching with Kay for anyone that is hungry to know God’s heart better and truly wants to live into the purposes He has for them.

- Susan Dixon

Kay Nash's heart healing sessions have truly shaped me in my spiritual walk. These sessions are intricate in that they provide therapy, but instead of providing "this is what you should do" feedback, these sessions go to the root of the issue and expose God's true heart about it. This different approach of incorporating the Holy Spirit has brought about internal healing that cannot be easily uprooted or shaken by the Enemy. I have so much more clarity now. I have a better idea of who my Father is and how He feels about and communicates to me. I know what He desires for me and over my life. I now know truly that He is Good and wants Good for His children. I'm very grateful God led me to these sessions to expose my heart and clean house so He can live where He really wants.----------------------------------------------------------------------

- Haley Steifel

Proverbs 15:22 reads, "Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed". Kay has been there for me when I achieved many milestones in my life. When I experienced anxiety about graduating from graduate school, Kay was there to listen as I expressed my worry, fear,  and frustrations. When I sent resumes out to obtain a job that would jump start my career, Kay was there praying for me. When I finally received a job offer and moved to a unfamiliar city to counsel the poor and needy,  Kay was there praying for job security. As you can see there has been a pattern since I met Kay over two years ago.. Kay was always there.  And I know she will always be there. There has been only one individual in this world that has watched me shake from anxiety, has stood there next to me on my fiancé's grave on the anniversary of his death as I mourned, and held my hand as she prayed over me.. and that has been Kay. James 5:16 states, "Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working". I am a work in progress, but and I am grateful to have known Kay, as she guided me to my successes.

- Venessa Thomas

How would I describe Kay Nash? Stable, trustworthy, wise. She has helped me to learn the value of discernment and wisdom that must be used daily in a life in the prophetic. She has encouraged me and given me a lot of peace from her counsel. I'm at a better place because of her work in my life. I pray the world sees many more people used by God like Kay Nash. People of God like her have the power to change lives in a mighty way.

- Danielle Lopez

Signing up for Life Coaching with Kay was way out of my comfort zone, but I did it anyway. What I gained from my sessions with Kay is priceless to me. Kay Nash is a wonderful Coach and Teacher. Step by step as I received healing and grew in understanding and in knowledge, my relationship with God also grew.

- Agnes Meksula
Having a life coach seemed silly to me at first, but after my experience with Kay my opinion has changed. Kay is very intentional in her care and encouragement. She took the time to unravel my heart first before pursuing my promised future. Once my heart was healed it was easier to focus on Gods plans. Kay has a concise plan to help focus your attention on the plans and purposes of God. It's not a one sizes fits all plan, but it is a Holy Spirit guided plan. Thank you Kay for all you have done.

- Stacy Fox

Kay was so instrumental in my heart-healing and recovery process, she helped me to break down walls and introduced me to the next level of hearing God and carrying out His work in my life. I am so thankful for her influence in my life and blessed to have met her as both a life coach and a friend.

- Nicole Paige

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